why pay for a theme?

In every drupal cms that I have implemented, the design was done up-front and we do a custom theme for the design.  That's the way we roll.

However, for my personal site, since I am not a designer, I was considering upgrading my theme by purchasing one of the commercially available themes.  Then I discovered there are a multitude of free themes at http://drupal.org/project/Themes

While this may be super-obvious to other Drupal folk, as I said, I am coming to Drupal as a programmer, not a UI person so this "discovery" was good to make for me.

adding a reset button to a exposed filter

One issue for views when you have an exposed filter is that once the selection is made (e.g. category selected), there is no way to unselect your category.  Your users will have to hit the back button, it's not intuitive to the user.

pittjug presentation

Here's a presentation on Grails...

Drupal crontab and files

By default, the "wget" command will create a file in your home directory.  Because I had a cron job that would periodically call my Drupal instance cron.php, my home directory started filling up with these files.
By adding the "-1 -t 1" option to your wget command, you are telling wget to use "quiet mode" and "try 1 time" for the download.  Here's my cron that will run every 15 minues
*/15 * * * * wget -q -t 1 http://www.colormemine-pittsburgh.com/cron.php

Lab Rabbit

A rabbit one day managed to break free from the laboratory where he had been born and brought up. As he scurried away from the fencing of the compound, he felt grass under his little feet and saw the dawn breaking for the first time in his life. "Wow, this is great," he thought. It wasn't long before he came to a hedge and, after squeezing under it he saw a wonderful sight: lots of other bunny rabbits, all free and nibbling at the lush grass.

Hey," he called. "I'm a rabbit from the laboratory and I've just escaped. Are you wild rabbits?"

Sex At 70

There's an old couple, both in their 70's, on a sentimental holiday back to the place where they first met. They're sitting in a pub and he says to her, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind the barn. You leaned against the fence and I made love to you from behind."

Free Press Release sites

I was looking to promote something, and came across this page at http://www.contextsolutions.net/blog/2009/07/list-of-free-press-release-... that listed some great sites that you can submit press releases to.
In addition to the list there, http://www.yourfreepressrelease.net was cited as another venue

Pizza-sola, love it!

While at pizza sola, they made 3 pizzas and spun them around in the air like I only imagined that they did.  Awesome experience!

Simplenews- unsubscribing from test newsletter

I was taking care of some last issues for my wife's website related to the newsletter (an email list managed by Drupal simplenews).  My last issue that was outstanding was when I tried to unsubscribe from the newsletter that i just sent out for a test, I got a 404 error.

I did a 2nd test in which I actually sent out the list (not a test), had to create a another newsletter for that!  When I sent out the email blast for real (as opposed to a test), the unsubscribe worked!

Mediawiki skin update not working

Well today is mediawiki day.  While I have done one large crazy mediawiki implemenation, I don't play with often enough to remember all the difference nuances/gotcha/caveats.

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