Phillip's List of restaurants

Pizza Delivered is Adrian's (say it like Rocky would).  They have a pierogie pizza and lots of crazy stuff.  It's a take out /delivery place only.

Pizza-sit down place:  Sola.  Minus a point for not having beer

Ingeniux integration to dotnet form via insert element roadblock

Trying to integrate a dotnet form into the Ingeniux cms system.  I've heard that the Insert element was the way to go.  I added the Insert element to my Page Type and created a new page (using this page type) and gave it the url to my form.  The xml from my form came through!


A short little xslt rule later,

Ingeniux component design

  I am building out a specification and reviewing some lab files for the ROI site.  I notice that they have several elements that are repeated across mutliple pages.  Elements include Browser Title, Meta Description, No Follow, No Index.  All of these elements related to SEO.Would it be best if an SEO component was created that would encapsulate all of these elements, or would you repeat them on 12+ page types?
Part II:

Multimedia banners in site control?

Building out the spec for a site.  Just about every page on the site has a flash banner so I'm kicking around the idea of adding this it to a site control.

Testing drupal with grails webtest

I was implementing a Drupal site with a custom module that uses a custom mysql database.  The client reported problems with a custom module.  I tried reproducting the problem, but after trying 20 some combinations out of 1000+ test elements, I wasn't able to reproduce the questionable behavior.

Enter grails with webtest.

default.xsl cached!

Created a new page type in Ingeniux, and modified my default.xsl to render my new page type.  I saved my default.xsl file, and created a new instance of my page type, but the preview pane was empty.  I modified the xsl to the point where it would modify for all page types, but my changes were never reflected.  It's cached.
Posted on the Ingeniux forums... stay tuned.

Creating a new page type gotcha in Ingeniux CMS

I created a new page type (using the SchemaDesigner) and saved my new page type in the xml/Schemas directory.  I logged into the Ingeniux administration to create a new page using this new type, and it wasn't there...  Mystery!

glassfish with apache working on UBUNTU success

So got my v2 of glassfish running behind apache on ubuntu

difference between data contract and the service contract

As a programmer, I sometimes am at a loss of words trying to articulate the concept of this "thingy" on the Internets that accepts some junk and does something with the junk and the junk flows through different thingies until it hits the end and ...

Just to be clear, my above line was used to accentuate how difficult it is to describe a web service to a business person.  Recently, I was reading up on WCF on the microsoft site and came across a very helpful paragraph that describes the difference between service and data contracts.

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