spring batch

Here are a few tips if you want to incorporate the spring batch project...

1)  Make sure you get the xsd and namespace stuff right in your resources.xml file   I had to combine a few namespaces from the example files and ended up with an extra double quote that affected the bean creation.

Here's where I ended it:

spring batch in grails

I am trying to setup the spring batch project (2.0M4 version) to run with grails (1.2)  I wanted to get the sample stuff up and running, so I created groovy files out of the various sample files that came with spring batch.  Unfortunately, the sample files use Java inner classes, which groovy can't handle yet.

For now, I will just make these Java files, but I was a little surprised since I thought just about any syntactically correct java file was a valid Groovy file.  Guess again.  You learn something every day.


maven proxy madness on windows

Building the spring batch project from subversion.  It's a maven project, so I took to time to install maven onto my new work windows workstation.  I run cygwin on it.

Since I am running behind a http proxy, I needed to configure maven to use this proxy for downloading the its various artifacts.  A quick search pointed me to http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-proxies.html which I followed, creating a file in my home directory (~/.m2/settings.xml)  However, my proxy setting was never used by maven. 


In case you didn't know, cygwin is a nifty unix emulator you can run if you are on windows and want to reuse shell scripts, etc. in a development environment.
Today's tragedy was that I had to manually run my ".bashrc" in order for it's settings to take effect.  Turns out that in cygwin, I needed a file named ".bashrc_profile"
Oh well.

Plane from attic

I found this toy plane in my attic.  I thought it would look cooler after I photoshopped it a little, but alas, I am a programmer, not an artist jim!

how to create another svn user

This is a "duh" kind of post, but given that you haven't created a new svn user in several months, you can forget!
Use the "htpasswd" command that is in your path.
The private-svn-auth-file is a file that you use to store the SVN users and is how you configured your apache server
htpasswd /etc/private-svn-auth-file <username>

Do not forget to make your module blocks Configurable


We needed to perform some regression testing on a production server of a Drupal module.  The Drupal module output a block and we needed to display this block on a simple Testing page so as not to affect other parts of the site.  I uploaded my changed module and proceeded to configure the block so it would only appear on this specific page.  ERROR.  Total white screen of Drupal death.

John Kennedy Quote

It's not often I run into something that resonates with me, but I found it in this quote from John Kennedy.  I honestly never had any real affinity for this guy, but for me, this quote really makes me like him.

My interpretation of the following is life will be unfair.  Get used to it, and don't expect the government and others to make it fair for you.

The evil block cacher

There are two things that I have learned recently with Drupal

1) Caching of blocks can be enabled/disabled.  It is highly recommended to turn on this caching for production sites.  Your site can be heavily hammerered if you don't enable this.  I learned this firsthand. It would triple the time to execute a page.

2) Even if you enable the block cache, individual blocks that your custom module exposes can opt out of being cached (more on this later)

MS Word auto-creates table of contents

For Ingeniux, building out a site specification which consists of a MS Word document.  Since I began with a template (From Ingeniux), the beginning of the document consisted of a table of contents and since I heavily revised my document, the table of contents was no longer accurate.

When starting to edit the table of contents, the developer in me screamed that no MS word user would ever subject themselves to such mind-numbing tedious work, so I asked Julie, an advanced MS Word user to help me.

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