Grails with xfire and GroovyWS

OUCH!! OUCH! I love that post someone had "why do you hate me grails so much" Anyway, I just wasted too many hours (a whole half day) trying to get my grails application consuming a web service from another grails application. I started out by generating the java client side from the wsdl using the eclipse plugin. It kept failing with a "Unexpected EOF in prolog at [row,col {unknown-source}]: [1,0] response" I cleaned up my service and fixed up the wsdl to no avail. I then tried uninstalling the xfire plugin from the client side and using my own xfire jars, no luck again.

DOTNet Tip #2

Because I am in dotnet 1/3 of my time, I don't often create new solutions (a Microsoft type of project). Oftentimes, I need to create a solution with multiple projects. However, once you add that first project to a solution, I ALWAYS get stuck on how to add the second project to the solution. Right click there? Under the edit menu? Nothing is apparent. All the context menu's that appear allow you to add new things to the project (i.e. a webform, class). No option to add another project to your solution.

Guide to choosing between mosso vs. dedicated server/vps

I have been struggling with trying to choose between using mosso or a VPS/dedicated server. I used to have a co-location, and I must say a VPS or mosso solution wins easily over the co-location. No more lost weekends dealing with a scsi controller that decided it's no longer going to work.

But there is still a mosso vs. a dedicated server/vps choice. I have it figured out!!! At least for myself.

DOTNet Tip #1

I commonly group projects by solution. I start with a blank solution and after I add my first project to the solution, the ability to add more projects to the solution disappears from the solution explorer in addition to just about everywhere in the IDE! If you want to add a second (or more) projects to your solution, look under the File -> Add menus. There you can add your additional projects.

locallucene and lucene combo memory leak

production has been acting up and figured out that there is a memory leak when you use lucene and local-lucene together. Local Lucene is a very nifty geo-search library that is very fast compared to my rudimentary boxed geographic searches. Anyway, I patched a version of lucene 2.4.0 that is available here: Local lucene is Somebody else reported the same problem and I used their patch.

this is sooo funny

I am the phillip rhodes from Pittsburgh, PA. In any event, I just ran across the site of another phillip rhodes, who is a milliner. The site can be found at What cracked me up was this quote:
To date, there has not been a single report of a woman wearing
a Phillip Rhodes being held up as a subject of ridicule.
I love it!

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