Harbor Freight Trailer Hitch Ball Coupler disassembly

I have a Harbor Freight trailer that with blood, sweat and tears that I got rolling in the State of Pennsylvania.   Well, it's been pretty good to me, but I had the "mechanical guts" fall out of the part that attaches the trailer to the car.  Initially I thought that this was called a "trailer hitch assembly", but no...  it's called a "Ball Coupler"
There are a few parts to it, and it's important that it goes back together as designed, but it's the mechanism is not documented anywhere that I could find on the internet.
So I bought a new one http://www.harborfreight.com/2-inch-x-2-1-2-half-inch-ball-coupler-94771... dis-assemblied it, taking pictures along the way.  Please feel free to use this gallery to figure out how your HT Ball Coupler can be put back together
My pictures can be seem in a gallery at https://plus.google.com/photos/115618015950485327602/albums/6226831242126377681