Stitches does not like war;)

The stitches plugin uses xfire and requires xml files to be distributed with the plugin. These files are for xfire aegis mappings. I have put these files in src/java and grails-app/conf, but neither works when I package the application as a war (run-app works)
The files that I need are packaged in the plugin zip file (here is a partial listing of the zip contents of my plugin) 555 Sun May 03 22:34:24 EDT 2009 src/java/org/authsum/stitches/external/AttributeHolder.aegis.xml 794 Thu Apr 23 09:20:22 EDT 2009 src/java/org/authsum/stitches/external/AttributeValueHolder.aegis.xml
When I war an application that contains my plugin, these files are not in the resultant war file.
I've worked around this by just adding the xml files to my grails application (the war), but this is not the plug-n-play that I wanted.
Yay for jira issues: