Stitches in 30 Seconds

Stitches is a Grails 1.1 plugin that implements a content repository with many value added features. 

  • Define content and attributes
  • Store and version content
  • Search and filter by keyword, folder, tag.
  • Geocode your content and perform "nearby longitude/latitude searches"
  • Synchronize your content to amazon s3. 
  • Automatic Image scaling upon request. 
  • Text is automatically extracted for keyword search from different document formats (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, etc)

You can use these features from any technology such as Java, PHP, Grails, Drupal because all functionality is exposed as a suite of web services. If you want a good technical overview, please read the Stitches Introduction.  An important THING TO BEAR IN MIND is that stitches is primarily a "server-side" technology (like amazon-s3) and any demos that you find would  a very simple (a.k.a. ugly) bare bones application that allows you to exercise the serverside facilities.  Would you judge lucene on some webapp someone put up that used it?

Stitches takes just a few minutes to install into your Grails environment.  Please see the installation guide.

TO see all those features that I mentioned, please check out the features.

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