Green Apple Barter - READ THE FINE PRINT

In my previous posts, I explained how I owed Green Apple Barter a good sum of money for doing pretty much nothing for my business.

I finally "did the math" and decided to end my relationship with Green Apple Barter, and make payment arrangements so that I could pay them what I owe them.  I called my rep and cancelled my membership and promised to pay 100 per month.

On my next invoice from Green Apple Barter, my payment was credited, but I saw new charges to my account.  It looked like my membership was NOT cancelled.

I called up the representation, and was told that I could not cancel my membership agreement until I paid off my balance.  I was told this is in the contract that I signed.

That's so wrong and unfair.  I am fine with "interest", but with every other vendor (electric, internet hosting, rent), you can ALWAYS CANCEL and pay off your balance.

I think this just is another illustration that this is NOT a good company to work with.