Commercial support for stitches by the author!

Stitches is true Open Source.  It's licensed under the Apache V2 License.   That said, what if you wanted an additional feature? Or if you wanted to get up to speed quickly with it?  I could probably save you some spinning of the wheels, and at the same time, your could enable me to make stitches a better library.  Commercial support is available by the hour.


Phillip Rhodes is a senior level hands-on technical guy.  He is simultaneously working  as a programmer and architect using technologies such as Java, DotNet and Drupal.  He is the author of "JSSO", one of the earliest Java SSO open source libraries and still in use today for the B2B ecommerce site for a fortune 100.  Besides his experrience that goes from pushing XML over MQSeries back in 2000 to "mashups" implemented in DotNet that leverage geo location services implemented as a Java Web Service, Phillip has the experience and knowledge to recommend your best technology whether it is Drupal, Java, PHP, etc...

Consulting work is performed remotely, often via ssh/scp, telnet/ftp or Windows Remote Desktop.

Pricing and Payment Details

Consulting services are billed at $75/hr with a one-hour minimum charge. We will gladly bill Fortune 500 companies on a Net 30 Days basis. In all other cases we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express via Paypal with a $75 one-hour minimum charged before work is begun. Once a business relationship has been established, we can work out other arrangements.

When we first receive your inquiry, we will ask any questions necessary to determine the scope of the job, and then provide you with an estimate. In the event that the actual task requires more time, we will provide you with reasonable advance notice and give you the option of altering your request, paying for additional hours or completing the remainder of the work in-house after paying us for work so far performed. We typically require a signed contract for jobs estimated to exceed five hours.

How To Order Services

Just contact me using the contact form. Be sure to include the following information:

  • What company you represent
  • What type of work you need done
  • When the work must be completed
  • Your full name, phone number, fax number and billing address

Please do not include confidential information, such as your root password, in your initial message.

We will then email you a proposal. When you have consented to the terms and provided payment for the first hour, work can begin!