About Me

Well, I am obnoxious enough to host a domain by my own name;)  That's obnoxious in my book.

There are a whole bunch of us Phillip Rhodes out there.  I am the one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am a technologist currently working with Java, Grails, Lucene, Geo-Spatial searching and Drupal.  While my personal site is a basic Drupal install, I will eventually beef it up.  Remember what they say about the house painters house and the car mechanic's car?

I've been a Java developer since 1996.  Currently, I divide my time evenly between Java (Grails, Wicket, Hibernate, Spring, Lucene), DotNet C#, Ruby and Drupal. 

You can find a link to my resume at the bottom of this page.

Here's a BIO

Here's a list of work-related performance documentation

My Resume