Projects public by default

I just setup a project for some clients and I logged in with their account to test things out.  I was surprised to see a lot of projects whereas, I only granted access to one project for this user account. 
As it turned out, these projects were created with the "Public" option checked.  I went into each of these projects and unchecked the option.  I also went into the administrative function and set the default to false for the public option.  These will prevent this from occurring again.

The secret of the redmine project management

I installed redmine to evaluate it for a project management.  Of course, lots of forum posts on the net indicate that it's the winner out there currently (July 28th, 2009). 

I installed it, and here's a summary of my discoveries

installing redmine ROR on centos

I just did a dance of success and my co-worker said he never saw anything like that in the workplace.  Anyway, we still use a excel spreadsheet to track our projects, so last night I decided to install redmine and see if that would work for us.  Redmine is a project management tool that runs on the Ruby on Rails stack.  I haven't done much with ROR, but I am pragmatic and this seemed to fit my needs.  I don't have my java blinders on!

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