don't use variables in resources with eclipse:eclipse goal

SO, I tried using the nifty " mvn -Dwtpversion=1.5 eclipse:eclipse" and got a big ugly error:

[INFO] Cant canonicalize system path: {0}

Embedded error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrec
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The root cause of the problem is that you can not use any variables in the placeholders of your resources in your pom.  This is what I had that gave me problems.  You can't do this with this plugin:

I just hit the "classifier"

So, trying to mavenize our large java-based projects.  I found a jar that I needed to add to our project that had a different structure as I was familiar with.

Here was the jar


I userstood the groupId and the artifact, but what is the version?  Do I use 1.5.8 or 1.5.8-all?

Neither one would work.  Enter the "classifier"  Here's how the final pom addition came out:

Using the eclipse WTP with maven

I use eclipse and maven.  Instead of manually configuring my classpath in eclipse to match my maven project, I can have maven automagically generate all my eclipse files that I need to run my war file with the WTP (Web Tools Project).
I run the following at the command line, refresh my project in eclipse, and voila, my project is configured to run in eclipse.
mvn -Dwtpversion=1.5 eclipse:eclipse

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