custom jars/plugins for solr

So using the library spatial-solr-1.0-RC3.jar to provide geolocation searches for
Since I had to create the 2nd solr instance, I needed to move the port of one of them.  When I started this 2nd instance up, I got a ClassNotFoundException"
I had forgotten that I dropped this jar into the exploded war file, and because I changed the port, the exploded war needed to be re-exploded.
I decided rather than mucking with war files, I would just add my jar file to example/solr/lib where example is the name of your app.

spatial solr classnotfoundexception

I am installing the jteam solr plugin for spatial search.  I dropped the spatial-solr-1.0-RC3.jar into the example/lib directory and got the following error:


Using the new lucene spatial contrib with lucene 2.4

I was using locallucene but I encountered a problem in which it bombed whenever there were deleted documents in the index.  I had to fix it.  After some trial and error (actually lots), I ended up using the reincarnated locallucene which is part of the contrib/spatial package in lucene.  It's for lucene 2.9

I made a few changes to back port it to lucene 2.4.1 and all my unit test passed.  Yay me!

Lucene Locallucene bug?

I heard that one of my top favorite jar's is going to be incorporated into lucene contrib.  Locallucene is very very good.   Anyway, ran into my first problem with it in a while. I am incorporating locallucene into a grails application using the searchable plugin.  locallucene was choking when it hit a deleted document.  I filed a bug report

Using Lucene for event searches

This topic has been a common thorn in my side since someone wanted to search events on the web using date ranges. 
Supposing you were looking for events in a city for while you were on vacation, you have a start and and end date and want to know what is going on while you are there on vacation.  You would be interested in any events, as long as they started before you left your vacation, and they did not end before you arrive.

locallucene and lucene combo memory leak

production has been acting up and figured out that there is a memory leak when you use lucene and local-lucene together. Local Lucene is a very nifty geo-search library that is very fast compared to my rudimentary boxed geographic searches. Anyway, I patched a version of lucene 2.4.0 that is available here: Local lucene is Somebody else reported the same problem and I used their patch.

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