Best Java Memory Analysis Tool

Just wanted to give some good words to the SAP memory analyzer.  It's free, and definitely worked for me where a lot of other tools didn't

importing certificates in java


Here are a few points that I would like to remember (when I have to do this again).


  • Use IE (not firefox) and visit the secure site that you want to access from Java. 
  • Right click on the page and choose "Properties"
  • Click on "Certificates"
  • Choose Details
  • Choose "Copy To File"
  • Hit "Next"
  • Choose the default format "DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER)"
  • Save your file (ie c:/certs/myhost.cer)

Now open a command console window

mysql binding to all ip's

I want to run some of my grails script against my production database (mysql).  In order to do this, I need to expose the mysql server on an ip that isn't localhost.
My server is behind a firewall...
By just commenting the following line my /etc/mysql/my.conf and restarting mysql, my mysql is now visible on my local network.
bind-address            =

apache-tomcat-5.5.28 change root webapp

I found the easiest way to replace the default context "/" for tomcat.
Just delete/move the existing "ROOT" folder in the webapps, and put your war there, make sure it's named "ROOT.war", Restart tomcat, and you are done.
No dealing with xml config files, cause we got better things to do!

Apache 2.2, Tomcat6 -mod_proxy_ajp

Just wasted a couple of hours trying to get mod_proxy_ajp working to connect apache 2.2 to my tomcat 6 instance.  I was getting an error in the apache logs:
[Thu Apr 15 23:02:37 2010] [error] (120007)APR does not understand this error code: proxy: read response failed from (null) (localhost)[Fri Apr 16 09:33:16 2010] [error] ajp_read_header: ajp_ilink_receive failed
I shutdown tomcat 6, fired up apache-tomcat-5.5.28 and all is well.  NO problems.

Partitioning vs. Parallel Processing

Just spent more time reading the "Spring Batch" documentation.   It's taking a while to sink in.  What's kind of struck me as amusing is that I trying to understand the difference between "Remote Chunking" and Partitioning, and I had forgotten that that I had read how they are different just yesterday...

To summarize my learning, in non-PHD terminology:

org.apache.commons.lang.SerializationException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Working on the spring batch examples, and got the following error. To summarize, the classloader that the serializationtutils is using is not able to find this class.  I got around this error by creating my own copy of "" in a new package and using this.  Since my SerializationUtils is in my webapp, there are no classloader issues.

glassfish with apache working on UBUNTU success

So got my v2 of glassfish running behind apache on ubuntu

Fronting glassfish with apache

I am starting to run glassfish for a couple of projects.  it does feel more professional of a project than tomcat, but that may just be my years of frustration with xml parsers.
Glassfish v3 now has AJP support available, so all you have to do enable it (explained here), and configure your apache server to proxy those requests to the AJP port that you have.

Free Application Development!

I'm launching a new kind of service that develops and delivers custom web applications.  This new approach allows a business to accurately model its processes and rules in a fraction of the time it would normally take, and no knowledge of the underlying technologies is required!

To prove this new concept and attract investors, I am offering free, custom-developed web applications to a limited number of businesses that would benefit from this service.

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