iui gotcha, don't forget the target

So, spent way too much time on this today.


I had a button that is in my menu bar that shows a screen when the button is pressed.  On one particular screen, it just would not appear.

After checking and rechecking the dom structure, I figured out that when I invoked this particular screen, I neglected to set a target of "_self" to the anchor.


If you need to do mobile development, get familiar with this handy XML file called WURFL Wireless Universal Resource File


More info at http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/


I am using it at spotmouth.com to detect mobile devices and redirect them to the mobile portion of the site.


My first GWT library

Learn something new everyday...

GWT libraries need to have the JAVA code distributed with them.  As it turns out the GWT compiler needs the JAVA source in order to compile your GWT application.

Never had to bundle source in with the jar, but maven made it easy;)



Mozilla FireFox Modify Headers plugin for mobile browser testing

I learned something today, and it was painful!

I am using the Mozilla FireFox Modify Headers plugin for mobile browser testing to test a very large enterprise application and the mobile screens were not functioning as expected.

I rebuilt/re-checked out/restarted for several hours.

Debugging grails/iUI

I am building out a iphone application using grails and the iUI plugin

Objective C method with parameters

I needed to create a new method with 2 argument.  I also need to call this method.

Easier said then done.  Rather than try to add to the already volumnious documentation out there regarding objective c method name and parameters, here is what i did:

My declaration.  It's a method called "updateLatLong" that has 2 arguments (a longitude and latitude)

-(void)updateLatLong:(NSString *)latitude  longitude:(NSString *)longitude;

Can't use delegates with UIView

I followed the excellent tutorial for how to switch views found at http://www.iphonedevcentral.org/tutorials.php?page=ViewTutorial&id=52&ui...

I was able to successfully setup an application with a single controller and toggle between multiple view.   My next step is to display the longitude and latitude on a specific view.  Ran into a gotcha.


Just a FYI, I thought the awakeFroNib could be used as an event for when a panel is loaded.  I was right, but it's for when the panel is loaded at application start, not when the panel is loaded to present to the user. 

Frameworks and PCH files

I had an "iphone moment"
If you add a reference to a framework (in my case, I added CoreLocation.framework), DO NOT forget to add a reference to your PCH file.  Vice versa, don't add stuff to your PCH file and not add it to your Frameworks

iPhone and JSON installation clarification

Using the nifty JSON Objective C library, it does have lots of instructions for installation, but being the newbie that I am, I couldn't get a reference to JSON.h to compile.


From the documentation:

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