difference between data contract and the service contract

As a programmer, I sometimes am at a loss of words trying to articulate the concept of this "thingy" on the Internets that accepts some junk and does something with the junk and the junk flows through different thingies until it hits the end and ...

Just to be clear, my above line was used to accentuate how difficult it is to describe a web service to a business person.  Recently, I was reading up on WCF on the microsoft site and came across a very helpful paragraph that describes the difference between service and data contracts.

Can't install SQL Server Studio

My parallels windows vm died (and then I learned about snapshots).  I needed to do some SQL related work, so I tried to install SQL Server 2005 so I could use the studio to run/write sql.
The installation of the client tools would always fail with the message that the version of SQL server that I already had installed was newer than the edition that I was trying to install.  

parse json serverside in dotnet

99% of the articles out there for parsing json using the dotnet stack involve jquery on the clientside.  That's not what I was looking for, I need to perform a serverside request to another service, parse that json and render my own response.
Thankfully, I found my solution in the class JavaScriptSerializer

Google Mashup for BarkleyREI

It's such a pretty application, that I wanted to save it here for posterity.  It's a google mashup that I did as an Employee of BarkeyREI.  The main application page is a CSharp Dot Net application.  This CSharp application makes web services call to an java-based application (that I wrote also) that is running Apache CXF (a SOAP server) that performs the GEO search against a lucene index.



Making a webservice client in dot-net configurable

By default, when you create a soap client in dotnet, the endpoint of your client is hardcoded as part of the dotnet dll.  Yes, I know that there is the *.dll.config file in the bin directory that contains the endpoint, but changing these does nothing.  Even if you do reload the app by touching the web.config.  It's just a tease.

DOTNet Tip #2

Because I am in dotnet 1/3 of my time, I don't often create new solutions (a Microsoft type of project). Oftentimes, I need to create a solution with multiple projects. However, once you add that first project to a solution, I ALWAYS get stuck on how to add the second project to the solution. Right click there? Under the edit menu? Nothing is apparent. All the context menu's that appear allow you to add new things to the project (i.e. a webform, class). No option to add another project to your solution.

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