Green Apple Barter

I hate this company.

Green Apple Barter - READ THE FINE PRINT

In my previous posts, I explained how I owed Green Apple Barter a good sum of money for doing pretty much nothing for my business.

I finally "did the math" and decided to end my relationship with Green Apple Barter, and make payment arrangements so that I could pay them what I owe them.  I called my rep and cancelled my membership and promised to pay 100 per month.

Green Apple Barter is the biggest waste of money

This is about Green Apple Barter

I usually don't post these types of things, but I just had to say something at this time.  Just closed my account.  At the end of this relationship, I will have spent around 2000 dollars of my cash and several hundred dollars in trade in exchange for one visit by an overpriced plumber.  It was something like $600 to upplug a sink, and not even an emergency!

So here's the Math:

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