Disable SOP for GWT Learnings

What I have just learned is that I have been implementing all communication with my server using JSONPRequestBuilder in order to deal with SOP (Same Origin Policy) for no need. I could be just using RequestBuilder.

zero to full featured android app in just a few hours

Wow.  Phonegap is truly awesome.

For the past month+ (in weekends/evenings), I have been writing a GWT application that I have deployed as an iPhone application to PhoneGap.

Today, I started the process to "port" my application to android.  Just a few hours later, I am up and running my application in the emulator.  If I could have just known not to try generate the android application from the windows command line vs. cygwin, I could've been here in just an hour.

Application is looking good!  here is a screen shot.

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