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It's so crazy that this is not easily found or published on the grails site.  There is an argument for using the maven site generator since this type of stuff can be found in a standard location in the site navigation.  Grails should take a lesson here, convention over configuration;)  (this is tongue in cheek)

Harbor Freight Trailer Hitch Ball Coupler disassembly

I have a Harbor Freight trailer that with blood, sweat and tears that I got rolling in the State of Pennsylvania.   Well, it's been pretty good to me, but I had the "mechanical guts" fall out of the part that attaches the trailer to the car.  Initially I thought that this was called a "trailer hitch assembly", but no...  it's called a "Ball Coupler"


I was writing a plugin (for something else) and thought, wouldn't it be funny and easy to implement a plugin to translate pages in pittsburghese?  Voila!  One evening later, it is born.


I tell you, it is pretty funny reading my employer's web site (all staid content) but now interspersed with pittsburghese colloquisms.


Check out the screenshot!

Download the plugin from

Report Drivers

Did you know that you can now easily report good drivers, bad drivers, dangerous drivers-- even cute drivers!  Go to and easily add your report.
Just as fun is reporting a driver, and seeing if you are ever reported. 
So head over to spotmouth and file that report!;)

phonegap and android 2.3 , will not work

Hey, nice to understand why my app crashes hard when in android 2.3
Phonegap is cool, but no one states the obvious tidbit:, hey guys, you can't use 2.3 because there is a bug in android when it tries to use javascript with a WebView....

android gps in emulator

This was a show stopper for me.
The android emulator will not return GPS data until you do a "geo fix"
While there is lots of info on "geo fix", I would expect the emulator to a least default to google headquarters or something.  Damn you, making me do more work and telneting to my android console.

Make sure you return something from your grails actions!

In my grails application, I didn't understand how "index" action was being invoked from another action:

Green Apple Barter - READ THE FINE PRINT

In my previous posts, I explained how I owed Green Apple Barter a good sum of money for doing pretty much nothing for my business.

I finally "did the math" and decided to end my relationship with Green Apple Barter, and make payment arrangements so that I could pay them what I owe them.  I called my rep and cancelled my membership and promised to pay 100 per month.

editing acquia theme

For the site, I started by writing a new theme, but in the end, decided to just edit the acquia theme.  One issue that I had was that this theme uses some background images.  While I could  (and initially did) just edit the images to match the color scheme for my design, it didn't feel right.

I wanted to way a way in CSS to remove the background-image that the theme was setting.  I added the following to my local.css and VOILA, it worked:


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